My Name is X (Eugene Xavier)...
I want to enlighten. I want to inspire. I want to carry people during their hard times. I want to change peoples lives in a positive way. I want to help people develop their talents for a good cause...thank you God for showing me my talent, thank you God for making me grow in my talents...
now i believe i can help the world with my talents

This is a blog to follow along my journey to chase impossible dreams, but most importantly allowing others to witness and experience, your own, as well as my own, "potential talent" to grow to its fullest form

when you dance, make the audience go on a journey they’ll never ever forget. that’s my goal today!!! i’m not there yet…but i want to make a difference now. Tomorrow is a new day and i want each day to be something worth FIGHTING FOR.


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and see how i imagine things

Have we forgotten about Our First LOVE….?

Have we forgotten about GOD…?

Is it because we are so caught up with this world?

watch this…

this is a talk given by one of my best friends/roommates/motivator… he inspires me and gets me through alot of my struggles.  He can also help you. I’d struggled with my dancing. I struggled with getting a job, but after living with him for a year and knowing him most of my life, he has helped me conquer the most challenging things that I had to go through as a young adult.  Why? cause in the past I was too caught up living the WORLD’s perspective on how to live.  With God I have purpose (that’s another blog i should get into) Now, I’m living for God, and he has blessed me with opportunities to help people through my dance

but here is a talk about the great Love of God 

It was AWESOME, finally been consistent with dance, been freestylin’, sessioning, teaching, TAKING CLASS, but most importantly sharing knowledge with my peers.

yesterday, awesome another 2 class day.  Mari’s at 6:30. Went to the studio right after work. I THANK GOD THAT I’M NEVER TIRED AFTER LEAVING WORK SO I COULD WORK ON MY TALENT. She did a piece to Temper Trap - sweet disposition, she was like ‘its from 500 days of summer’ then i got excited. epic. Then Vihn class at 7:30. execution and performance was his main thing that day, and it was fun cause i like footwork.

I teach, and my little 9 year old is starting to make her own tuts and waves.  Shes freestylin on her own.  That just validates that I should keep teaching and i love teaching, and my other class is preparing to do a show in may.

Got back to sessionin with Dnoi, ellis, and everyone at pac arts.  Totally got more foundation to my arsenal of movement when it came to poppin’. there is always something new to learn

as for my peers, i’ve been running into my fellow dancers, and tell them what GOD does in my life (CAREER AND DANCE ESPECIALLY) so i can motivate them to follow their dreams.  THATS THE BEST PART OF MY DAY IS TALKING TO MY PEERS ABOUT GOD.  People are surprised about how my walk is so strong with the lord these days compared to a few years ago.  THEN I GIVE THEM THE 101 on my life and they are touched cause the past year was my the hardest of my life, and I conquered it with GODs help. This story of my life is a long long talk. so thank you everyone who had a open ear for my words of wisdom the past few weeks

Be consistent with your life, the improvement may be fast, it may even be slow, but always never give up…everything will get easier the more you love it.  There will be struggle and pain, but the love with get you through it.  never give up the fight!

Do Something!!

This book can change your life.  Not only will it make a difference in your life in a positive way, but also you can be a miracle for people in this world by giving a helping hand.

its our purpose to do something